Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Is Ford Plug Power's Newest Fortune 500 Customer?

Take this with a grain of salt, as this is 100% PURE rumor and speculation.

A nice find came to me via stocktwits earlier this afternoon. The technical support page on Plug Power's website may have given some clues as to who the next customer is for the highly anticipated auto deal announcement, which should be announced by April 21st, the date of the company's upcoming business update (was recently rescheduled from April 17th earlier this morning).

If you take a look at the list of customers on Plug Power's technical support page, an interesting find is "Ford Motor Company-Chicago." Unfortunately, Plug took down this technical support page and now instructs customers to call them if they are having a technical problem. However, there is a cached version available that all can see here:

Now, here's what you do to see Ford as a company on the list: click the "here" button. Then click "Register now" and then click "Customer" of the registration type. If you look at the potential customers to choose from, Ford Motor Company-Chicago is listed there.

Here is a link to Ford's famous (and massive) Chicago Assembly plant.

If Ford is indeed the customer, I believe this would be a big deal and have a HIGH impact on share price. Surely, a name like Ford will be weighed heavier than a name like the much rumored Volkswagen. Time will tell, Monday April 21st the latest.

Some other notable customers include Honda and Toyota, and UNFI, United Natural Foods, which leads to possible speculation that they would be an easy TRU customer to acquire. The Toyota and Honda accounts may be related to old contracts years ago, and are not relevant or active currently. Who do you think will be the new global auto manufacturer customer named in the Plug Power deal?