Thursday, February 26, 2015

Beware of Forcefield Energy (FNRG)

ForceField Energy (FNRG) has been popping up a lot on recently, so I took a look at the company. I have never seen such an overbought stock before in my life, with a current RSI reading of 94.

This stock has seen a sharp increase in volume in late January/February, primarily driven by paid promotion from Red Chip TV and The Dream Team Group. A fake research report on the company was issued by CapRock Research, which gave a "conservative" $8 price target. CapRock is connected to Small Cap IR, which is a subsidiary of The Dream Team Group, a stock promoting firm.

Of the 9 PRs released for FNRG in 2015, 5 of them have been related to paid stock promotion.

Given the company's current financials, and its bloated $135M market cap valuation, I would steer clear of this promoted stock. FNRG's cash per share is $0.03, and its book value per share is $0.26.

*No equity position in FNRG is being held, and there is no future plan to trade this stock.